RFF WOMEN’S INTERFAITH GROUP Monday 3rd October 2022   

Walk, Talk & Laugh

RFF Women’s Interfaith Women’s Group

on Monday 3rd October a group of 25 plus women met in front of the Valentines mansion in the early afternoon. Connecting the established Sangham group and Redbridge Faith Forum members, the women enjoyed a brisk leisurely walk around Valentines Park connecting with each other. It evoked conversations surrounding what people do in their spare time, their families, and their passions.

Once we finished the walk, we all gathered in a large circle and began to engage in the laughing part of the session. Some members really enjoyed the laughter and felt like it brought them out of their comfort zone. One member said that once you get past the feeling that you are looking silly; it is fun. Although the laughter session was not for everyone, a couple of members did not take part in the session. The Laughter session also included dancing, varying from Bollywood to traditional dancing. Everyone enjoyed the dancing, which encouraged laughter.

After the session, many people gathered in the onsite Gardener’s Cottage Cafe for a chat and a cup of tea. A big part of this group is to get people socialising again after the pandemic’s isolation.