RFF Network Meeting –  “Getting help with WORK OPPORTUNITIES and DIY SOLUTIONS!”




Redbridge Faith Forum  Quarterly Network Meeting.  Informative session on topics close to our hearts and Have your Say.

Date:          Tuesday 30th January 2024- 

Venue:       Buddhist Vihara, 9 Balfour Road, Ilford IG1 4HP

Finding employment can be difficult especially if you or a family member or friend has a health condition, disability, needs skills updating or have financial problems that may prevent you from accessing job interviews.  These were addressed at our Network Meeting and there was an opportunity to for questions answered by Jakir Hussain,  DWP specialist.

In this age of recycling and also watching our pennies it is important to know how to conserve energy and we heard from Lorraine, Transition Ilford what is available to help us repair rather than replace. Both the Energy and Repair café are part of Transition Town Ilford and take place in Redbridge Library  every fortnight on a Saturday. They are run by a team of volunteers.

The Repair Café volunteers have different skill areas, some examples are portable equipment, sewing machines, laptops, toasters, jewellery, software problems etc  It is advisable to contact the Repair café by email to see if the particular specialist volunteer you need will be available, especially for the computing and software repairs.

They want to actively encourage volunteers to come and work at the café as this is helping people use their skills and also a way of upskilling by showing others how to repair things.

The Energy Café can advise on energy costs etc and which gas/water/electricity companies have the best rates /lowest tariffs and which is better depending on your family situation (eg one householder or large family etc etc)

They can give you advice if you are in debt because of the cost of your energy.

They can also help you find and access the different energy grants that are available.

They can also advise on how to make your home energy efficient, eg sealing gaps, running a draught excluder workshop to make draught excluders, putting foil behind radiators to reflect heat back into the room (especially if the radiator is on an external wall)