Finding Peace in a War-torn World? – Women’s Workshop

Wednesday 9th September 2015, 1.30pm-3.30pm at The Vine Church, Riches Road, Ilford IG1 1JH  

“Finding Peace in a War-torn World?”

35 women from different backgrounds and faiths attended this event at Vine Church in Ilford to discuss this topical question.  The afternoon started with a cream tea and a reminder that this was an historic day for womankind as Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II would become Britain’s longest reigning monarch, passing the record set by Queen Victoria over 63 years, seven months and two days.  A short time of silence enabled the women present to reflect on this achievement .

An interesting talk from a member of the Ba’hai faith community followed explaining that unity and peace is the main teaching of this faith group which was founded in 1844 in Persia by Bahaullah, a messenger of God, stressing the oneness of God, the oneness of humanity and the oneness of the world.

Questions were invited from the floor and then the women broke into small groups  to discuss their responses to the following questions:-

  • What does peace look like?
  • How can we achieve it?
  • Do peace and spiritually go hand in hand?
  • How do we find and maintain our own peace and spirituality?
  • How important is the role of a woman in the peace process?

The small discussion groups gave everyone a welcome opportunity to speak and share openly and freely  their opinions and beliefs and listen to others.

The small groups fed back their answers in a whole group session and discovered a lot of mutual ground such as prayer, meditation, reflecting on scriptures as being helpful ways of finding peace but also some variations with different aspects of worship or reflection being described.

Comments received following the workshop included

“It was my first women’s workshop and I loved it.  I learnt so much about other people’s faith and loved the gathering”

“An excellent session – so many positive thoughts and much opportunity to learn from others”

“The general input of all members was valuable”

11th June – Annual General Meeting & Public Meeting on Fairness Commission

hereOur AGM was held on 11th June at Ilford Islamic Centre, Albert Road, Ilford IG1 1HW from 6pm to 7 pm and was followed by a Public Meeting on the Fairness Commission’s topic of “Fairness in Austerity: How?”

Our Annual Report 2014-15 was presented to the Meeting click here

A press release is available by clicking here

The 2014-15 Annual Accounts can be viewed by clicking here




INTERFAITH MEAL 12th May 2015 at the Karamsar Centre

Faith Communities Join together at Interfaith Meal – 12th May 2015

Around 75 people from many faiths and none, attended the Redbridge Faith Forum (RFF) Annual Interfaith Meal on Tuesday, 12th May. The event, hosted by the Guru Nanak Satsang Sabha Karamsar (The Old Courthouse), was held in the presence of The Worshipful Mayor and Mayoress of Redbridge, Councillor Ashley Kissin and Mrs. Hilary Kissin.

The evening started with an introduction from RFF Chair, Jacquie Grieve, who gave a short update on the work of the Redbridge Faith Forum and how it has helped so many groups and individuals reach a better mutual understanding and respect of the various faith traditions represented. In response, Mayor Cllr. Kissin, said that this was one of his last official duties as Mayor and that is was a great pleasure to be invited to such an occasion.

The evening gave all a welcome opportunity to meet with others from different traditions in a friendly social atmosphere. Volunteers from the RFF held a prize draw where everyone won a prize. The event has also raised additional funds to support the ongoing work of the Redbridge Faith Forum. The superb vegetarian meal was supplied by the friendly and helpful staff of the Karamsar Centre.

During the evening the guests also heard a presentation from the Liberty Credit Union who explained how they help local people who are caught in the trap of extortionate interest rates.

The Mayor and Mayoress spent a good deal of time circulating and speaking with the guests.

RFF Chair, Jacquie Grieve, concluded the evening with a short and very amusing poetry recital.

A full programme of future events, including our forthcoming AGM on Thursday evening 11th June is available from our offices.

For more information contact RFF on 020 8708 2478 or email