Time:               12 noon – 1.30 pm

Venue:           Join our Zoom Meeting

               Meeting ID: 881 8032 8601

Email: faith.forum@redbridge.gov.uk

Domestic violence and abuse can happen to anyone and it takes many different forms. If you are a victim you should not feel afraid or ashamed to ask for help. If you know someone who you think may be experiencing problems or is in an abusive or violent relationship, it could be someone in your family, friendship circle, a neighbour or a faith community member, you can help them get the support and advice they need.

In this Network Meeting you will have the opportunity to learn, from a Domestic Abuse Professional Counsellor, about :-

  • the different forms of domestic abuse
  • the warning signs that someone may be experiencing domestic abuse
  • how you can support a victim of domestic abuse
  • what services are available and how they can be accessed
  • how Reach Out operates and how victims can find places of safety
  • the link between Reach Out and Refuges

There will also be an input from some of the RFF Trustees who will offer a faith perspective on domestic abuse, followed by a question and answer session where any queries or comments will be addressed. 

The aim of this meeting is to find out about the services available within the borough for people who are encountering domestic abuse of any kind and how these can be accessed. The meeting will indicate some of the signs of domestic abuse so that members of faith communities and family members, friends/neighbours can recognise the signs and be aware of what is available so that they can offer support to anyone who they think may be experiencing problems.