A message from Mohamed Omer, Chair of RFF

We are facing perhaps the most difficult time in the history of this country since the war. Coronavirus has turned our lives and businesses into turmoil.

How should we react to this situation? We should turn to Allah (SWT) and seek his repentance and guidance through this crisis. Although our places of worships have been closed, it should not stop us from praying to him from our houses or wherever we are that he gives us strength, patience and protects us from this virus.

It is incumbent on us to ensure that we follow the strict guidelines set by the government on social distancing and regular washing of our hands. We should not be the cause of pain to another person by ignoring the advice and being a potential transmitter of the virus.

If we do not follow the advice, the danger is that the government’s plan of trying to contain the spread will not work and as a result the fatalities will increase. Therefore, I urge all of you to please take this virus seriously and strictly adhere to the guidance.

We should not forget those who are elderly and vulnerable in our society and help them wherever it is safely possible to do so. So many will be in isolation and lonely.

Lastly, our prayers are with the incredible staff at the NHS and all essential services that are doing their utmost to protect us. Let us not make their job even more difficult and heed to the advice of the government.

Mohamed Omer, Gardens of Peace Cemetery, Hainault