A message for the Hindu Community

Namaste ji All,

Last Rites Service

A recorded Last Rites Service, is available for all who may need it on the VHP UK Website.

The World is facing unprecedented times due to the Coronavirus Epidemic. 
This will result in unusually high number of deaths, which will in turn increase the number of cremations required for Hindus or burials for others. 
Services to perform the Last Rites will be stretched as Priests may not be readily available either. Grieving Families will want to give their beloved departed family members the sacred Last Rites as required according to Hindu Dharma.
At such difficult time, Vishwa Hindu Parishad UK (World Council of Hindus) is offering Last Rite Services to all those who wish to avail these for themselves, on the VHP UK Website with all humility and dignity.
Acknowledging there are diverse Hindu beliefs, VHP offers a Minimum Common scriptural text in various languages by different Priests, hopefully meeting the diverse requirements of the Communities for the  Hindu Funeral Rites.
The VHP UK (Yorkshire) has published a booklet called Hindu Funeral Rites in Conjunction with the Bradford Metropolitan Council Community Enterprise Section to enable anyone who wishes to avail themselves of this publication. A PDF of this publication will also be available on the VHP UK Website. 
This service offered by VHP UK is in keeping with the Selfless Service offered as one of the pillars of Hindu Dharma, SEWA. It is an honorary service performed with Humility and Dignity.
OM Shanti Shanti Shantih.
Sent by Vinaya SharmaGeneral Secretary VHP UK