Women’s Interfaith Virtual workshop- Wednesday 11th Nov 2020 ‘Repairing the world’

Our women’s group enjoyed meeting together via Zoom to learn more about the topic “Repairing Our World”. Unfortunately some technical issues prevented several women from joining us for which we do apologise.

Three speakers from the Christian, Jewish and Muslim communities shared the practical steps their faith communities are taking to care for our living world. In future workshops we will hear from women of other faiths. 

It was inspiring to hear how the concept of eco-Church and eco-Synagogue is being implemented and the eco-friendly Muslim Gardens of Peace Cemetery. It was encouraging to hear how faith venues are promoting recycling, being conscious of plastic waste and encouraging people to bring their own reusable bottles, changing heating and lighting, planting bulbs and trees.

The Jewish Joint Burial Society is developing a Woodland cemetery and have built a gathering hall that is virtually carbon neutral with a borehole for heating and air-con and solar panels.

Breakout rooms were used to facilitate small group discussion before everyone came back together to share what had inspired them.

Ruth Musgrave is happy to support faith groups (not just Christian) in how they can be greener, you can email her on: ruth.musgrave52@gmail.com

Organisations which support your faith group to do practical things to Repair the World

Faith for the Climate is a national Inter Faith Network which aims to encourage, inspire and equip faith communities in their work on climate change


To get an idea of what a local Inter faith Climate group looks like check out the Footsteps group in Birmingham



All the info you need to start doing activities to become an Eco Church



Eco Synagogue is promoting environmental sustainability and engagement across the Jewish Community



Bahu Trust equips Muslim communities to learn about Climate Change and to act for change.





Hindu Climate Action

HCA has come together with the goal of mobilising the Hindu community on the ongoing climate emergency.



Eco Sikh



Eco Dharma