Tragic Death of George Floyd

Statement from RFF

Tragic death of George Floyd 

The death of George Floyd involving the police in America has shocked the world. All our faiths teach us that in the eyes of God every human being, irrespective of their colour or ethnicity, is equal. Racism of any form needs to be condemned by all and appropriate measures should be in place to protect the rights of people who are subjected to any form of discrimination.

Sadly, governments in some parts of the world have simply allowed and turned a blind eye to institutional racism and the video of George Floyd and subsequent other videos by persons in authority, demonstrate discrimination against minority groups.

The lack of action against people who carry out these crimes has meant that this form of hatred has increased and contributed to the rise of far-right groups.

Not only do Black Lives Matter but every human being’s life is sacred and matters.

Let us pray that the world wakes up and demands that those in charge do not allow any form of hatred or discrimination to take place and that we respect every human being irrespective of their colour, race or ethnicity.

We pray that the death of George Floyd is not in vain, and lessons can be learned. Our prayers are also with the family of George Floyd, in particular with his 6 year old daughter, that may God give them strength and patience to cope with this tragedy.