What is the Mental Health Support Team (MHST)?
The Mental Health Support Team was established in January 2021 and is part of Redbridge Educational
Well Being Team within the Educational Psychology Service. The MHST consists of Educational
Psychologists (EPs) and Educational Mental Health Practitioners (EMHPs). EMHPs deliver evidence based
interventions for children, young people and parents/carers in educational settings . By working in
partnership with school communities, we reduce stigma, raise awareness and enhance emotional
wellbeing and resilience for children, adolescents and families.

Which schools do the MHST work in?
The Redbridge MHST currently work with 10 schools (primary
and secondary). These include Roding Primary School, Glade
Primary School, Clore Tikva School, Christchurch Primary School,
Snaresbrook Primary School, Woodbridge High School, Oaks Park
High School, Caterham High School, Ilford County High School
and Woodford County High School. With a focus on early
intervention, we work alongside our schools to develop a whole
school approach to mental h ealth. Each school has an allocated
Lead EP and EMHP.

What support does the MHST offer?
•We provide early intervention for children and young people who are experiencing mild to moderate
mental health difficulties through schools.
•We deliver brief evidence based interventions for mild moderate anxiety (adolescents and children),
mild moderate low mood in adolescents, and mild moderate behavioural difficulties in children. This
often involves working directly with the either the young person (in secondary schools) or parent (in
primary schools) for 5 8 sessions.
In addition, we are able to:
•Support senior mental health leads in positive mental health promotion and whole school approaches
to improving emotional well being.
•Provide needs analysis of whole school mental health provision.
•Deliver peer mentoring approaches, group interventions and consultation to school staff.
•Give timely advice to school and college staff and signposting to external specialist services.
•Work with other organisations in the community to help provide mental health and wellbeing support.

How will the MHST become involved
In order to provide effective interventions for the children and young people we work with, we work closely and collaboratively with parents and schools. Schools can raise children and young
people to the MHST, then we will gain consent from parents to become involved.

Contact Us:
Co ordinator : Dr Ann Marie Cryan, Senior
Specialist Educational Psychologist
0208 708 7494