People and the changing environment’ Tobacco Road and Brickfields of Meherpur

Blog by RFF member/supporter/volunteer Peter Musgrave

Before the lockdown happened, Peter was planning on holding an exhibition of his Bangladeshi photographs in July at the Meditation Centre in Angel  Islington, called ‘People and the changing environment’ in conjunction with a workshop. It was of photos he had taken in Bangladesh over the years. The Plan was to have linked to a workshop called ‘Connecting prayer and action in the midst of the climate emergency’ As these have to be postponed Peter would like to share two blogs he has been  working on, the photos of which would have been in the photo exhibition at WCCM, together with the story line attached to them.

Peter has decided in conjunction with the Meditatio Centre and friends in Green Christian to go ahead with an online Zoom workshop, which has the title Connecting Prayer and Care for Creation.

So if you are interested to do so, you would be most welcome to join in the workshop on July 4th

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This is the link to the workshop booking

The first one is called Tobacco Road

The second one is called Brickfields of Meherpur