‘My Life and Faith under Lockdown’ Zoom meeting

Redbridge Faith Forum (Charity 1118675) warmly invites you to join the RFF women’s group into the Virtual realm and we are planning our first Virtual meeting on Tuesday 7th July 2020 at 1pm via Zoom. As this is all new we will keep the numbers to 15-20 women as this will allow the women taking part an opportunity to share their thoughts and experiences without it becoming too overwhelming. Places will, therefore, on this occasion, be on a first come first serve basis so, please get back to us asap to reserve your place.

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As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, these past 3 months have totally changed our lives. We have had to adapt almost every aspect of our daily living; from the way we shop, to our interaction with others, and to the limits imposed, for health and safety reasons, on our freedom.

·         So how have we found these past few months?

·         How have we coped?

·         What have been the challenges?

·         What have been the highlights?

·         What have we learnt?

·         And how have we practiced and kept our faith?

We will be asking the following questions and you may wish to reflect on them and jot down a few responses before our workshop so we can have a meaningful discussion:

1.     How do we practice our faith in the present situation?

2.     How has the lockdown/self-isolation affected us spiritually, either positively or negatively?

As we cannot yet hold face-to-face meetings this workshop will be a virtual one using the Zoom App or facility on your smart phone, laptop or computer. We are sorry we cannot offer you refreshments but please, make yourself a cup of coffee or tea, and bring a biscuit or cake treat to our virtual workshop and be ready to just sit back and listen and/or offer your insight into the chosen topic.  Looking forward to meeting up again in our new virtual reality!!

Please register in advance by emailing us at faith.forum@redbridge.gov.uk

Joining instructions will then be emailed to you once you have registered.

This is our first virtual women’s workshop so do bear with us if we have to iron out any issues during the workshop.  We always appreciate feedback as it gives us the opportunity to improve our services and output.