Life in Lockdown


Our trustees have made a series of videos to show how they are dealing with this period of Lockdown.

We hope that you are staying safe and keeping well and finding your way through this strange period. We hope you find these videos interesting and useful.

To watch any of the Life in Lockdown videos, just click on the photograph.

Sunday -Daily Reflections- Interfaith Week Nov 2021

By rff | November 13, 2021

‘Thought of the Day’ – Sunday 14th November 2021 Christian faith by Rev Bernardino Mandlate Interfaith Week takes place starting on Remembrance Sunday 14th November through to Saturday 20th November. To mark this special week Redbridge Faith Forum trustees have recorded a daily video clip reflecting on the topic of “Recovering and Reconnection”.  These reflections are from their respective faith perspective. We do hope you will enjoy listening to these which can be accessed daily by clicking link below

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Video Messages from RFF Trustees regarding Faith Water & the Climate Emergency

By rff | October 5, 2021

Each year Redbridge Faith Forum arranges an Interfaith Walk through Ilford, our theme for 2021 is Faith, Water, and the Climate Emergency to highlight the need for urgent action on climate and nature ahead of COP26, the United Nations Climate talks, due to be held in Glasgow.  A range of faith venues were visited where walkers  heard perspectives on this topic from leaders from different faiths in Redbridge.  Additionally faith leaders have recorded individual video messages giving their unique response on this vital topic of faith, climate and the global emergency which are available here on the Redbridge Faith Forum website.  People of faith are trying to understand how to  play their part in the climate emergency.”

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Harmander – A Year on; Life in Lockdown

By rff | May 25, 2021
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“I have taken the vaccination and its safe”

By rff | April 14, 2021

RFF trustees who have been offered the Covid19 vaccination have taken it and are encouraging everyone who is able to have the vaccine to do so. At RFF we feel it is very important to have the vaccination in order to protect ourselves, our families, friends and the community at large. All of the vaccine on offer in UK have passed stringent test and are considered safe. As with any form of medication there are contraindications but these are very rare and the vaccine is one of our main ways in protecting the society and getting back to a more normal life; of course the washing of hands, wearing masks, social distancing and following generally government guideline should still be followed stringently even after the vaccination. The following videos from the trustees will give a more personal view of their experience and their view on why they have taken the…

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Interfaith Education Events- theme of ‘Marriage’ from different faith perspectives

By rff | January 18, 2021

RFF partnered with the Sukkat Shalom Reform Synagogue to hold a series of Interfaith Education Events on weekday evenings from 7th Jan to 3rd Feb 2021 on the theme of Marriage from different faith perspectives – We are delighted to share the talks from the series…

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Virtual Walk of Peace “Love & Remembrance”

By rff | November 14, 2020

Redbridge Faith Forum was delighted that so many joined us via Zoom including The Worshipful, The Mayor of Redbridge, Councillor Zulfiqar Hussain, on Sunday afternoon 8th November for our “Love and Remembrance” Event launching our first ever Virtual Walk of Peace As this fell on Remembrance Sunday, we took the opportunity to hold a minute’s silence to remember those who are no longer with us, and in particular our co-founder and ex-Chair of Trustees Jacquie Grieve who has left us a wonderful legacy of service to others.  We were glad to have family and friends of Jacquie join us and that we were able dedicate the event to her memory.   The event was very well attended and gave the opportunity to enjoy virtual tours of local places of worship from the comfort of attendees own homes. Places visited included St Cedd’s Church, Seven Kings; Sukkat Shalom Reform Synagogue, Wanstead;…

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Saturday, Daily Reflections-Interfaith Week Nov 2020

By rff | November 13, 2020

‘Thought of the Day – Saturday 14th November 2020 Buddhist faith by Rev Hemaratna

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Friday -Daily Reflections- Interfaith Week Nov 2020

By rff | November 12, 2020

‘Thought of the Day – Friday 13th November 2020 Jewish faith by Rabbi Lawrence Becker

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Thursday -Daily Reflections- Interfaith Week Nov 2020

By rff | November 12, 2020

‘Thought of the Day – Wednesday 11th November 2020 Muslim faith by Imam Khurum Rafiq

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Wednesday, Daily Reflections-Interfaith Week Nov 2020

By rff | November 11, 2020

‘Thought of the Day – Wednesday 11th November 2020 Sikh faith by Mankhmal Singh

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