Redbridge Compact

What is the Redbridge Compact?

It is a joint agreement between the public sector bodies: The Council, NHS, Fire Service and Police and the local Voluntary and Community Sector to build trust and improve working relationships for the benefit of both parties.

The Compact includes some specific commitments for all signatories. These include:

• Public sector agencies, to consult widely allowing a minimum of 12 weeks unless an exception has been sanctioned

• Voluntary sector: To develop, implement and maintain high standards of governance, conduct and quality standards

Compact Codes of Good Practice

Codes of Practice have been developed to support the implementation of this Compact and provides guidance on how it should be used in Redbridge and it is monitored by Compact Champions.

The Redbridge Faith Forum Compact Champion is Jacquie Grieve, Jacquie can be contacted via the RFF office post – Room 16, Redbridge Town Hall, 128-142 High Road, Ilford IG1 1DD. Email – Telephone – 028 708 2478

The Codes pay particular attention to:

• Community involvement

• Reaching out to the whole community

• Funding

• Volunteering

• Resolving disagreements

In 2015 Redbridge Faith Forum was shortlisted for the National Compact Advancing Equality Award which if had previously won in 2012.  this is given for demonstrating an outstanding commitment to equality through promoting services, activities or events which help advance equality of opportunity or actively seek to tackle and challenge discrimination.