Details of September 2020 festivals and celebrations can be found below We are always pleased to hear from faith communities of planned events which we can include on our website.

* September –  Harvest Festival Christian (Western, Anglican and Free Churches)

Displays of various foods are made in churches and Sunday schools and services are held to give thanks for the goodness of God’s gifts in nature.

19th – 20th September Rosh Hashannah

Tradition: Jewish

Rosh Hashanah marks the beginning of ten days of repentance and self-examination, during which God sits in personal judgment on every individual. The blowing of the ram’s horn (shofar) in the synagogue is a reminder of Abraham’s sacrifice of a ram instead of his son, Isaac. Apples dipped in honey are eaten in the hope of a ‘sweet’ new year. The greeting is ‘Leshanah Tovah Tikatev’ (may you be inscribed for a good year).

28th September YOM KIPPUR

Tradition: Jewish

The last of the ten days of repentance, this ‘Sabbath of Sabbaths’ is the holiest day of the Jewish year. It is marked by ‘afflicting the soul’ – expressed through a total fast 25 hours long. Jews spend the eve and most of the day in prayer, asking for forgiveness for past wrongs and resolving to improve in the future. The Book of Jonah is read.