BT have launched a new website called ‘Skills for Tomorrow’. On this site, people with little or no digital skills can learn:

– How to access GP services online
– How to use the NHS website
– How to use public services online and how to use the GOV.UK government website and find local council services

This is as well as digital skills training to help older or more vulnerable people learn:

– How to video call to connect with family and friends
– How to do online and mobile banking
– How to shop online
– How to socialise online through sites like Facebook and Twitter
– How to watch and listen to content online

The website also includes digital skills advice to support small businesses to do business online. These include:

– How to make sure customers find your business online
– How to connect with customers over mobile
– How to promote a business with content
– How to promote a business with online advertising

There is also support for parents who want their children to continue learning from home, this includes:

– BT Learning at Home resources, with activities for children aged 4-11 to help them keep developing their computing and digital skills at home
– Information and activities to help parents keep their kids safe online and to feel better equipped for conversations about the online world

Lastly, the site includes information for those who might be working from home for the first time, and who want to build their digital skills to work online effectively wherever they are. These include:

– Tips on how to increase productivity at work
– Advice on writing for business and how to make communications concise, easy to read and engaging.

All of this information and advice can be found at: