Health & Wellbeing Workshop Wednesday morning 11th May 2016

This workshop took place at the Ilford Islamic Centre on Wednesday, 11th May 2016.

This was the third in a series of workshops run in partnership with Redbridge Concern for Mental Health and included presentations from those who have lived experience of mental ill-health.

All those attending contributed to discussions around the topics of what they considered the definition of “support” to be, considered the effects of stress and anxiety on our bodies, and suggested ways of caring both for ourselves and others to enhance well-being.

It was a very positive and encouraging occasion and 100% of those attending either strongly agreed or agreed with the following statements:-

  1. I enjoyed the workshop
  2. The information was presented well
  3. The length and pace of the presentation was right
  4. The workshop improved my understanding of stigma & discrimination
  5. After the workshop I will be less likely to discriminate and stigmatise
  6. The workshop improved my understanding of how to maintain well-being for myself
  7. The workshop improved my understanding of the support available for people with Mental Health Distress

Some of the comments made by delegates concerning what they might do differently as a result of attending the workshop included:-

  • Be gentle with myself.  Take deep breaths before panicking.
  • My focus has always been on the emotional help needed but the workshop highlighted for me the value of practical help.
  • Try to support friends with problems.
  • Be patient with people & visit.
  • Not make assumptions.
  • Stop and think about my own wellbeing at times

Other feedback received included:

  • Many thanks – Well presented.
  • I am glad of the awareness of this problem.
  • A very interesting & informative workshop.
  • Really enjoyed the workshop.

Redbridge Faith Forum would like to thank the management committee of Ilford Islamic Centre for hosting this event.