Grow food and friends Project – Transition Town Ilford

Our aim is to encourage neighbours in Ilford to start to grow food in a container(s) their front garden/space and to make friends with their neighbours in the process. 

Thanks to a mini grant from Transition Bounce Forward households who take part will get free compost/ containers and seeds/ seedlings, as well as tips on how to look after the plants. To make the grant go further we will also be asking if people can donate spare used containers or spare seedlings which they have grown. We will encourage children and young people to join the project too.

Those who take part will choose from around 10 plants selected as easy to grow eg lettuce, runner beans, tomatoes, radishes, chillis, herbs in small tubs etc

We are looking for volunteers who live in Ilford who would be willing to contact 5 immediate neighbours in their street and ask if they would like to take part. We particularly hope to attract those who don’t have access to a garden (eg people living in upstairs flats).

We aim to have 100 households participating. Each volunteer will distribute the containers and materials to their neighbours in the spring and encourage them with their growing. It would be great if a whole row of houses can grow something which is visible from the street.

If you would like to take part contact or

Forest Garden Project

A group of volunteers are creating a forest garden in Valentines Park. The aim is to involve all sections of the community in planting and also offer on site workshops social and learning activities a once we can meet together again. We intend to involve all ages and groups from the local community. To find out more look at our website.

We have been mentioned by Rakesh, an experienced Permaculture teacher who lives locally. He would also be happy to mentor other groups. His website is

Heat Sensor loan scheme

Free loan of Thermal Sensor camera

Are you based in Ilford and would like to make your home or community Building more energy efficient?

Transition town Ilford can lend you an easy to use thermal camera to assess where your building is losing energy.

For more details see our flyer.

If you would like to borrow the camera then contact us at