Celebrating Redbridge – 15 December at noon via Zoom


This meeting was an opportunity to share  views on:-

  1. One thing you like about living in Redbridge
  2. One thing you would like to change or improve
  3. your experience with Redbridge council
  4. What you would like the council to do more or less of in the community
  5. What the council can do to improve its relationship with residents.

Attendees joined breakout rooms to facilitate discussion of this important topic prior to coming back together to feedback views.  A common thread was the importance of clear communication from the council to residents together with a clarity around expectations of response times to enquiries.  Some residents do not have wi-fi and are therefore unable to use digital means of communication and would prefer face to face contact which has been very much reduced during this pandemic.  Many attendees remarked on the good community cohesion that exists within neighbourhoods in the borough and the vital role played by the voluntary sector.  More interaction with ward councillors would be welcomed and more information on who to contact within the council over specific issues.  The powerpoint presentation can be accessed by clicking  here