Redbridge Faith Forum (Charity 1118675) was delighted to partner with NHS Talking Therapies to deliver this workshop looking at the topic of how to manage anxiety and worry. It was very reassuring for the 26 participants to hear that anxiety is normal and has evolved from our fight or flight response.

Valuable techniques were taught to manage anxiety and learn more
about its causes. Practical suggestions such as muscle tensing and relaxing, reducing caffeine and practising controlled breathing can all help to challenge the anxious thoughts. Participants also learnt about the different types of worry – potential worry which is future based and practical worry – which is where you an actually do something about it. Deciding to only consider your worries at a specifc time of day can also be very helpful and adopting a problem solving technique to your worries.

Finally graded exposure to an activity which causes anxiety will eventually lead to being able to cope with a fearful situation. is a manual for ways to cope with anxiety

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