Women’s Interfaith Workshop 22nd November 2017

Thirty five Women from a range of faith communities met for a lively and informative workshop at the South West Essex & Settlement Reform Synagogue  (SWESRS) on Wednesday 22nd November. The theme for the workshop was ‘Weddings~ ceremony, custom and tradition’. Excellent presentations were given from two faith communities: Jewish and Sikh. This session of the Redbridge Faith Forum’s (RFF) Women’s Workshop followed an earlier one on the same topic with presentations from the Baha’i, Buddhist and Hindu Communities.  It will be followed in February  with a session from the Christian and Muslim traditionsAll women are warmly invited to attend our next workshop which continues the theme of Weddings:- Ceremony, Custom & Tradition and on this occasion we will be hearing from our Sikh and Jewish friends.  The last workshop focussed on Hindu, Buddhist and Bahai weddings and the next will feature Muslim and Christian weddings.

Please click here for a report including photographs of the event.