HEALTH & WELL-BEING WORKSHOP – 3rd November 2015 at 1.30 pm

1.30-3.30 pm at The Vine Church, Riches Road, Ilford IG1 1JH

Redbridge Faith Forum in partnership with Redbridge Concern for Mental Health organised this well attended workshop which gave participants the opportunity to gain an increased understanding of well-being and awareness of the issues surrounding mental health.  It was very beneficial to hear contributions from those with first hand experience of mental distress and positive comments were made in the feeedback forms including “As a result of attending this workshop my attitude towards mentally ill people has changed.  I would be definitely more understanding and helpful towards those people” and “As a result of attending this workshop I will take my mental health seriously and will think how I can be more “open” about it.

This was a pilot workshop and it is planned to run further workshops at other venues in the future.