Welcome to the website of Redbridge Faith Forum

Aims Of Redbridge Faith Forum

Redbridge Faith Forum (RFF) is an independent organisation that aims to give Faith Communities in Redbridge a collective voice by identifying and addressing issues that affect residents.  RFF’s inaugural meeting took place in December 2003 and was registered as a Charity in 2006 (Reg No 1118675).

Our vision is to work towards and build a community that respects, co-operates with and  understands the integrity of each other’s beliefs, culture and traditions

Redbridge Faith Forum is a strategic partner of the council, has an office in the Town Hall and supports the Redbridge Compact (see Resources page for more information about the Compact).  The charity employs two part-time members of staff who are assisted by a much valued team of volunteers and has a Board of Trustees drawn from faith practioners from all the main religions represented in the borough.

Frequent opportunities for inter-faith dialogue are provided through events and activities including:  Quarterly Network Meetings, Public Open Forums, Multi-Faith Social Events including the Annual Walk of Peace, and Partnership Work with other voluntary sector organisations to inform residents, and encourage civic participation.  These events are open to all and the charity is keen to work with schools to promote tolerance, understanding and equal opportunities.

Additionally Redbridge Faith Forum has developed a thriving women’s group which enable women from different faiths to have healthy discussions on a range of topics of mutual interest that will help overcome ignorance, prejudice and cross barriers  The group brings women together across faith to gain the confidence and skills to bridge and link into different cultures.  The workshops continue to be hosted in the meeting spaces of different faith community buildings. Trust has been built to make these safe, shared spaces for women to meet together and discuss openly various topics.