Inspirational Steps February 2014

Inspirational Steps was an 8 week pilot programme. It took place in a lovely setting (Valentines Park) and started gently with a walking course of 2.5km. There were 3 sessions per week. Over the 8 weeks people were inspired to extend the length of the walk to complete 5km in less than 1 hour!

Who was it for?

– Primary school children with their parent/s
– People wanting to lose weight
– People who have not done any meaningful exercise for a period of time

When was it?

– Saturday Mornings 10am to 11am, Starting 15th February 2014
– Tuesday mornings 10.30am to 12.00pm, Starting 18th February 2014
– Thursday afternoon 4pm- to 5.30pm, Starting 20th February 2014

– Valentines Park by the Valentines Cafe ~ nearest gates Melbourne Road or Cranbrook Road (Ilford end)